Civil Association “Duga” Ada

The Civil Association “Duga” is seated in Ada. It was founded on the 31st of July 2001 and registered by the Federal Ministry of Justice on the 7th of August 2001. The organization and registration of our association depict the work and the initiative of a group of people who strive to provide help to those most in need.

By exploring the social community map we identify the poorest population structures in order to distribute humanitarian aid and to provide help to those, whose social and health status is being endangered. We organize diverse humanitarian activities to help solve many issues in different fields of human activities, in order to lessen poverty consequences. By organizing social and humanitarian activities we try to improve the quality of life, especially of the highly endangered groups regardless of their education, nation, religion or their political beliefs.

We also nourish the national cultures’ traditional local heritage, initiate and lead educational activities with children and youth, organize and animate marginalized social groups, realize humanitarian and charity actions, help victims of domestic violence and other endangered groups. We improve social and economical status to the socially needy, provide immediate help to those in trouble with the means of food, clothes, shoes, hygiene packages and all that thanks to different donations and due to project realizations.

By various projects we develop a system of values with children and youth and we also make efforts to improve the conditions in which our children grow up, as well as improving their rights and freedoms. We try to upgrade cooperation between different nationalities always respecting differences and promoting tolerance. We advocate laws and programs that will enable satisfying basic human needs as well as health and any other support to all. We orientate ourselves toward helping children with special needs and their families, as well aa toward prevention and uplifting abilities with children with developmental difficulties.

We would also like to mention our established partnerships between civil organizations, public and private sector in order to strengthen our local community.