Preparing for the round table

Civil Association “Duga” as a local partner has taken part in the realization of the project “Citizens in Action against Mobbing”. The project was realized in cooperation with five partners: “Centre for Human Rights and Democracy” from Užice, Civil Association “Felicitas” from Belgrade, NGO “Aurora” from Bor, “Center for Democratic Action” from Lebane, and civil library “Pirgos” from Lebane.

This project is a part of long term process of changes and additions to the existing legal acts on labor, health and safety at the workplace. These legal acts are to consider maltreatment or so called mobbing at the workplace. The final goal is for our state to adopt the law on mobbing itself. This way, the attacks and neglect of one person’s integrity at the workplace, are to be defined as socially unwelcome behavior at the workplace.

Within the frames of the project a free legal aid has been organized – every Friday from 8-13 hours within the premises of The Ada Local Municipality Building. On several occasions fliers and brochures have been handed out to the citizens of Ada. These street actions were to inform the people on the issue of mobbing.

In November 2009. the project team of the Civil Association “Duga” has taken part at the National Conference about Mobbing, on which the achieved results of all partaking partners have been summarized.

The continuance of this project is expected at the beginning of 2010.


Containers for disposal of paper and plastics

Civil Association “Duga” from Ada in partnership with the Ada Municipality and Bethany Social Services Foundation from Timisuara, Romania has initiated the project “Friends by Nature”. The donor of the needed means for this neighboring program Romania-Serbia 2004-2006 is the European Union through the Delegation of European Commission in the Republic of Serbia.

Besides the regular project activities, also the acquisition of the ecological containers for selective waste disposal was planed, as well as their placing in preschool and school institutions of Ada Municipality. On 26th of August 2009. 10 containers for selective disposal of paper and plastics were distributed to the final beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were also obliges to sign an official agreement binding them to conscientious use and maintenance of these containers. The containers were distributed to the following institutions: Primary School “Novak Radonić” Mol, Primary School “Čeh Karolj” Ada, Middle Techical School Ada, Preschool institution “Čika Jova Zmaj” Ada, and Ada Municipality building.


Serbian Association of Podiatrists and Special hospital “Čigota” Zlatibor, minding the importance of overweight issue, suggested in October 2007 to the Ministry of Health and to the Republic Social Insurance Department, realization of a project “Prevention and Curing obesity with children and adolescents in Serbia”.

The main idea of this project is to promote a healthy life-style and loosing weight with teenagers. This program helps young people to loose weight in a healthy manner, prevent health risks and aesthetic issues, which derive from a modern way of life and bad habits, like fast-food, irregular meals, and little physical activities.

Civil Association “Duga” recognized the above mentioned problem and started up the initiative, so that the children from Ada and neighboring Municipalities would be given a possibility to stay at the special institution “Čigotica”. In the course of special selection methods, which were conducted by teachers, doctors and nurses, the first group of 25 children, age 12 to 18, was selected to be beneficiaries of this program during 21 days of special institutionalized treatment. Altogether there will be three groups of 25 children, who will stay on Zlatibor during the summer.

The first group of children made their first step towards healthier and higher quality life-style on July 26th 2009.


Children from Ada and Romania with their teachers

On September 12th 2008 the Civil Association “Duga” with its partners Local Self-government Ada and Bethany Social Services Foundation from Timisuara, Romania, begun realizing the project Friends by Nature. The donor within this neighboring program between Romania and Serbia is the European Union through the Delegation of European Commission in the Republic of Serbia. Within these educational camps, that were held during the summer 2009 in both countries, the children and teachers from Romania and Serbia partook on educational programs about preserving natural resources and the importance of recycling.


Princess Katarina Karađorđević

The Foundation of His Royal Majesty Crown-Prince Alexander and Princess Katharine has this year organized the traditional visit to the “Beli Dvor” (The White Court). Children without parents, with special needs, Roma and the exiled children, were guests at the Royal Court, where after the festive musical program, they were presented with Christmas gifts. His Royal Majesty Crown-Prince Alexander and Princess Katharine have also taken the time to meet and greet the children and their guardians.



The president of Ada Municipality greeting the guests from Sjenica

The importance of Poverty Reduction Committee of Ada Municipality and its contribution to the adequate functioning of the local community in preventing and abolishing poverty was recognized by the guests from Sjenica Municipality, who were welcomed in January 2009.  The guests were greeted by the president of Ada Municipality Zoltan Bilicki, who introduced the main issues the Ada Poverty Reduction Committee has to solve. After the meeting the guests attended the extensive presentation of the main activities of Ada Committee and NGO Duga. They were also given the opportunity tho discuss  everyday problems with the beneficiaries. The main goal of this visit was to educate activists from Sjenica and to adjust our working standards to their own future Poverty Reduction Committee.


Festive Christmas table

At the Culture Hall in Mol at the beginning of January 2009 Citizens Association “Duga”Ada organized a suitable Christmas holidays program for the children and locals of Mol settlement. The Primary school children performed traditional customs in celebrating orthodox Christmas. The donor of the means for this manifestation was the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.



Prepared Christmas presents

Next to the already mentioned presents, additional Christmas packages were handed out to the children without parents, children with special needs, Roma and exiled children by the Citizens Association “Duga” Ada. Additional donation by the means of Christmas presents was handed out to the children of fallen soldiers of the 90ies, children of municipal firefighting service, children of the Police station and preschool institutions „Čika Jova Zmaj“ of Ada Municipality.



Handing out the presents

On Monday December 29th 2008 Citizens Association “Duga” Ada organized the New Year’s humanitarian day. In the course of this action a suitable theatre program was performed by the children’s theatre from Subotica and in front of the 1st and 2nd grade primary school children from all primary schools in Ada Municipality. After the theatre performance the members of “Cobra Moto-Club” from Ada – masked as Santa Clauses – handed out the presents to the children. After the program, famous musician Louis with his guests held a concert and made this manifestation even more festive. With this action Citizens Association “Duga” Ada, Poverty Reduction Committee of Ada Municipality, and Local Self-government of Ada cheered up the little ones for a moment and showed that there is a better future waiting for them.



Prepared presents

In the course of the Christmas holidays in December 2008 overall 1.370 Christmas presents were packed and handed out to the preschool and primary school children from Ada Municipality. The presents were provided by favor of „Caritas“ foundation from Subotica, by the owner Rudolf Walter, and with the help of Citizens Association “Duga” Ada, Poverty Reduction Committee of Ada Municipality, and Local Self-government of Ada. The Activists of Citizens Association “Duga” Ada, preschool institution „Čika Jova Zmaj“ from Ada, and employees at the Local Self-government of Ada sorted out and packed the Christmas presents full of sweets, toys and school accessories.


Distributing school accessories

At the beginning of the new 2008/2009 school year, in September, school accessories were provided for the socially endangered children of Ada Municipality. Notebooks of various sizes, crayons, pencils, drawing rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers and more were donated to the daycare center of the Primary School „Novak Radonić“ in Mol. More school accessories were distributed among the socially endangered children of Ada Municipality within the premises of “Duga” Civil association. This action was selflessly financially supported by: The Poverty Reduction Committee of Ada Municipality, “Spektar” Ada, “Raven” Ada, “Standard” Ada, guesthouse “Laguna” Ada, “Idas Promet” Mol, and bookshop “All stars” Mol.


Selected school books

On the 14th of October 2009 Civil Association “Duga” has started the action of distributing school books, donated by The School Books Publishing Office Belgrade. On this occasion 299 school books of an approximate value of 200.000 Dinar were handed in. Thanks to this humanitarian gesture of the Office, “Duga” was able to form a small “Book bank”, out of which every year school books will be given to the poorest children from Ada Municipality.



Making the Guide “A good practice of public works in the Republic of Serbia”

Civil Association “Duga” has in 2006 initiated a program of public works in the Ada Municipality and has been able to realize it successfully two years in a row, together with the Local Government of Ada Municipality and The Poverty Reduction Committee. During these two years Ada Municipality was able to attain 30 million Dinars and to employ 254 people. This good practice resulted in a guide “A good practice of public works in the Republic of Serbia”. Eventually a need occurred for these experiences to be systematized, so the existing working models could be improved, and  institutions, organizations and companies could be motivated to partake in this program.

The public works are currently the most efficient program for reducing unemployment in the Republic of Serbia, especially among vulnerable social groups. This guide is meant to introduce the program itself and its sucessful implementation. The final part is dedicated to the good examples realized on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Because of the space limitation it was necessary to reduce these examples.

We would like to express our gratitude to UNDP, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, as well as to all cooperating teams for the provided help during the making of this guide.